Is it looked upon unfavorably if you apply ED to a school and specify that you’re an undecided major? I’ve heard from some people that admissions officers prefer that you specify a certain major but other people have said that they admit you without much thought to what major you are looking into.

<p>I don't think it would affect it at all. If mainly what you were concerned about is that they want somebody who's passionate or strongly motivated towards something, then don't worry about it, because they know that many smart, curious people want to explore more before they tie themselves down.</p>

<p>If you're applying to a specific major, then it's harder because most have a limited # that they can let into certain majors, and if you're an undecided person then you'll just have to try to transfer into a major after you make a choice. Even if all of their majors get filled, they don't care about not having enough room for undecided's transferring around because colleges are always losing people, practically no colleges have their ENTIRE freshmen class return the next year, so you could just fill one of their spots when you make ur choice.</p>