<p>Okay, I know it’s a long way out, but I’m curious about choosing a major.</p>

<p>At this point, and I know it’s subject to change, I’m thinking somewhere along the lines of aero or astro engineering OR math.</p>

<p>But…I was wondering what exactly math majors do without a doctorate. I’m thinking I probably will go back and get my masters or doctorate eventually, so I could teach, but what does one do in the AF with just a bs in math?</p>

<p>please forgive my ignorance ;)</p>

<p>Most grads don't actually use their majors in the AF. Pilots, personnel, navigators, space, missiles, etc. don't actually use their major but receive AF training in most cases. Choose a major you want and like here. </p>

<p>It's not unusual for Math majors to actually double major in Physics as well because only a few more classes are needed.</p>

<p>Wow missmuff, those are the majors I was thinking about, although from what hornetguy said I think I may want to double major in math and physics, because physics is another major I was considering.</p>

<p>Plus, astro and Aero along with chem are by far the hardest majors here. Non-academy grads that are aero majors will say how much of a joke their courses were compared to those here. So, be wary of them, the fact that they will put those majors on suicide watch prior to a major product should tell you the difficulty (no joke).</p>

<p>Biology is a beautiful mix of techie and fuzzy. But I'm biased. :)</p>

<p>Right now, I seriously would like to go to test pilot school and know what majors are needed, but don't know if one can apply directly after the Academy. Would I have to take a couple of tours first?</p>

<p>For TPS, you need a technical major of any sort. This can vary from Aero and Astro to Operations Research, as long as its considered "technical" and not "fuzzy"</p>

<p>When I came, I was set on aero or MSS. Then, I decided to go Mil History, lol.</p>

<p>I have always told myself that Aero is what I wanted, although I am still set on it, I am open to a change once I get there if needed... ;)</p>

<p>When I visited a beginning engineering class during Parents Weekend, the prof made a point to tell us that nearly half the 4 digs wanted to be Astro or Aero majors. He then pointed out that the academy usually graduates only 10% Aero/Astro majors. So, a lot of cadets change their mind. Surely, the difficulty of some of the classes will help shape your decisions as you progress through the classes needed.</p>

<p>Potter went in thinking Aero, but has since decided she is more of a fuzzy then a techie...she still has no real idea what she wants to major in now.</p>