Maker Profile Advice? Class of 2021 prospect

Hello, I was looking at the online profiles that MIT allows you to submit and I know I will be doing a Maker Profile if I end up submitting one, but need some advice as to whether I should?

The projects I have worked on / working on / planning to finish by deadline are as of follows:

3D Printer made out of old projector and disk drive
Responsive Pet Arduino Robot
Self Stabilizing two wheel robot (Arduino)
Custom Built 290mm racing quadcopter with 3D Printed base

If you could rank them / suggest the best that would be great.

But, if they are not worth submitting just tell me (I know they don’t really compare to MIT projects)

You pick the one that means the most to you and put it first. The one that means the least goes last. It’s not the project that matters, it’s how it affects you. Or changes you. Or inspires you. And you don’t have to finish all of them either. If one is getting you nowhere, then leave it be. You don’t want to work on projects that you think others might be impressed by. Instead, work on things that lead you somewhere. That’s the kind of thing that impresses MIT Admissions. Good luck to you.