Making a thesis on a story not very persusive or aurgumentative

Hello all!

I have to write a paper on a “hero’s journey”, based on my academic journey at the school. The parts I am instructed to write different metaphoric parts of the hero’s journey, the birth, quest, trials, and death. I have an outline with ideas and all seemed to be going good until I had to come up with the thesis.

The thesis, having to be argumentative or persuasive has me going blank on this. What am I trying to persuade or argue about my journey? I feel like this topic is just me writing a story on myself. Do I need to make something to be persuasive about?

You don’t have to get stuck on all that comes after the thesis sentence. Many students get hung up on the opening and ending paragraphs. The important thing is to know what you want to say.

Make bullet points of you want to put in the paper. New topic=new paragraph. Write the paper, without worrying if it all fits together perfectly. Once you’ve written it, the overall point you were trying to make will be clear. That’s your thesis. Then you can put it in where it belongs, typically the end of the opening paragraph. The. You can fix stuff to make it flow more smoothly.


The “hero’s journey” is a common filmmaking idea - even a book on this.

Typically, Star Wars is a good example.
Luke goes from boy trying to avoid fighting to being called to action to getting into bad situations (garbage compactor etc) to good (blowing up the death star) to his final state of being a man - successful.

Argue/persuade something from that.
Er… If you avoid the challenge, you’ll die when the death star blows you and everyone to bits.
Er… Only by facing one’s deepest doubts and fears can one succeed.
Er…success only comes from believing in yourself.
Er… Success comes with failures and disasters.

Most college essays prompt for the “usual” growth/success/learning experience and the subsequent “I learned something valuable!”.

Your own trials - how did you grow? Why? How was this The Way it had to be? Etc.