Making friends at UF

<p>Hey all,</p>

<p>I am finding it hard to make any friends at UF.... I know classes havent started yet, but the fact that I am a freshman in Beaty surrounded by sophomores really doesnt help... I know more sophomores than people my own age lol. But I was wondering what are some things to do to make friends at UF. I am not from the state so I don't know anybody here. Also, I am kind of shy and a really hard worker (Electrical Engineering major), so when I see all these people having fun around me it just is really awkward. Any suggestions?</p>

<p>You’ve got to go to the mixers for freshman that are going on now. A lot of them will be in other dorms but just go ahead and go. Beatty is hard because the students are more isolated into “pods”. Walk downstairs and across the lawn.
GO AHEAD and GO–quit waiting for someone else to take the lead for your social life! It is hard for a shy person but believe me it gets easier and is truly worth the effort. Always figure “what’s the worst that can happen?” (I got fed, met a few people and had a new experience–if it wasn’t a great experience, well, better luck next time! and if it was great–glad I didn’t miss it!"</p>

<p>I’m in Beaty too (West Tower)! It’s kinda hard to meet people at times, but you’ll eventually get over it. Which tower are you in?</p>

<p>I am in Beaty West Towers, eighth floor. My roommate has introduced me to his friends but all of them are rushing and apart from that I don’t know anybody :/</p>

<p>“burg” as in Middleburg? :P</p>

<p>In the class of 2015 facebook group people are just posting to meet people anywhere, lol. You could always try that since other people are lonely too.</p>

<p>it is has easy as this: ask yourself what enjoy doing? what is your passion?</p>

<p>then find a club that fills your needs. For example lets say you like to dance? Find a dance club. Do you enjoy sailing? join the sailing team. Do you like politics? join a political student group. Do you like to run? Joing a running club.</p>

<p>get the picture?</p>

<p>Yea I am trying lol, i am gonna do intramural soccer but there aren’t really any clubs that I am interested in, basically all I did throughout high school was work work work and I only really started going out with people during my senior year.</p>

<p>get involved with major/career related clubs.</p>

<p>I highly suggest propping your door open and maybe someone from your floor will stop by…do this while online or just relaxing. Or, if someone else on your floor has their door open…stop by their room and introduce yourself. It is harder to meet people in Beaty because you don’t share a bathroom with many others and thus, don’t have the opportunity to say hi to more people. Also, if you are going to grab something to eat for dinner, knock on a few doors and ask if anyone wants to join you. It takes some guts, but you have to take the initiative, which is difficult if you are shy. Join a club or group—listed I think at the reitz union website or you can stop by the reitz and find out how to find out what clubs are available(there are info desks). Study on campus out of your room ==on a lawn, in one of many libraries===and if someone comes by—say hi…maybe a conversation will start. Also, try to sit next to some friendly faces in your classes and introduce yourself. Knowing people in your classes will help when you are sick and need to miss a class and you can get their notes. Exchange cell phone #s for homework help and to exchange notes if one of you has to miss a class. Try to be outgoing, even if it is against your nature. Also, their are many ethnic student groups( if you are of non-white ethnicity)that you can join to meet others of your culture or religion as well.</p>

<p>Are you in Beaty West or East?</p>