Making/Hanging a Bedskirt

<p>Hi, I am trying to decorate my daughters dorm room and need some ideas. I had done some research on bedskirts but am undecided which way would be best to hang. I would like some feedback on anyone who has already been through the experience…which is the most convenient…hanging with a tension rod or velcro?? </p>


<p>Someplace on here I read that someone just bought an extra sheet, folded it to the right length and put the extra between the mattress and springs. Does that make sense? The bed is against the wall, so the side of the bed has a flap that goes to the floor.</p>



<p>Don’t be “that mom”. Take your D shopping for bedding of her choice (XL Twin, stores like Target have pretty good selection). Let her pick out a couple of posters, a lamp, and if she wants a throw rug or something like that. If you care coming from close to home, maybe a couple of big pillows for lounging in the room or something. But no one (and I mean NO ONE) needs a “bed skirt” at college. Let it go…</p>

<p>If you mean with ruffles, the sewing drove me crazy. I’m pretty into DIY and will just buy the next one. You don’t need her- or someone else- stepping the wrong way and pulling it off the velco or knocking some rod out of place. Yeah, don’t be “that mom” to some extreme. Agree, I can’t think of anyone with a dust ruffle.</p>

<p>You might like the thread about parents and their goofs at move-in.</p>

<p>@intparent…my daughter has already picked out all her stuff…bedding, posters etc. for her dorm room…just trying for a sleek look is all.<br>
And something modern, not ruffles. </p>

<p>Thanks for the thoughts</p>

<p>since I’m just a dad, please enlighten me as to why one needs to “hang” a bedskirt in a dorm room?</p>

<p>You go, coptermom! If your D wants it, let her have it. I see that she’s in a single anyway so who cares what anyone else thinks! There is nothing like a comfy room far way from home.
I would attach it to two sides only of the bedframe with velcro tape.</p>

<p>I too share the concerns expressed about the bedskirt.</p>

<p>Would it be better if you held off on this until your daughter settled into her room for a week or two? And then ask her if she wants a bedskirt?</p>

<p>@helicoptermom24… I’m an incoming freshman and my mom is looking to do the same thing and i think its awesome! I love decorating for my dorm room and i think a bed skirt would make the room look cozier and neater as it will hide the stuff beneath the bed :wink: Maybe putting the velcro tape right on the edges beneath the mattress so it will give it extra hold?</p>

<p>My daughter just graduated. When she was a freshman, with an XL twin bed, we just used the flat sheet from her sheet set (my daughter never sleeps with a flat sheet so it became an extra anyway) and put it under the mattress (as MD Mom mentioned in a prior post) and let it hang just long enough to cover the bins that she kept under her bed. Her bed was against a wall so we only needed to hang it so that it covered one side and the end of the bed. Her bed had adjustable heights that we set for the highest point but it didn’t matter as we just adjusted the sheet to cover the appropriate amount of space. We did the same thing for her next three years of school even when she was in a full sized bed. It really did make the room look a bit neater, not having to see everything that was being stored under the bed.</p>

<p>Thanks for everyone’s advice! </p>

<p>I think the extra flat sheet is the way to go since this avoids the extra work and still keeps the bed looking neater. :)</p>

Bed skirt or not…there are terrific ones on: They have two openings so the kids can get to their under bed storage easily. It sure is easier on the eyes and does help the room look tidier when you can’t see all the storage. A lot of kids had them on move in day - more girls that guys. TIP: get the 36" white and it will last all four years.

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