Making my volunteering look relevant?

<p>I am currently spending my summer volunteering at a hospital. I want to major in Computer Science, and it just dawned on me that this wheeling patients around and doing paperwork has nothing to do with my passions. How would one go about weaving manual labor into the essay to make it look like a part of the overall picture?</p>

<p>write about how this experience has changed you for the person. I which was has this experience been life changing.</p>

<p>If volunteering isn’t a big deal for you, don’t write your essay on it.</p>

<p>Writing an essay on many unrelated extracurriculars is silly and a waste of your time. Pick one EC (or a handful of closely related ones that fit coherently together) and bring it to life.</p>

<p>Resumes attached in the “Additional Information” section are for lists. Essays are not. Your essay will quickly lose focus if you turn it into a list.</p>

<p>Thanks guys! I appreciate your advice! :D</p>