Making Schedule for Junior Year

<p>I need to make my schedule for my junior year and I'm having trouble deciding on what classes to take.</p>

<p>Here's my schedule for this year, my sophomore year:
AP European History
AP Biology
Honors Chemistry
Honors Algebra II
Honors English II
Honors Spanish III
Wind Ensemble</p>

<p>I really beefed up my schedule this year compared to freshman year when I had 4 honor classes, band, PE and a study hall.</p>

<p>Next year I want to take the following:</p>

<p>AP English III (Comp.)
AP Environmental Science
Honors Precalculus
Honors Spanish IV
US History (Honors or AP)
Study hall</p>

<p>So, I can't decide whether or not to take honors or AP history. There's just such a huge gap between the two. This year I've done pretty well, but I just don't want such a heavy workload. I want to focus on just a few meaningful AP classes than be like the kids that take too many APs and are miserable. I know that AP English will have a lot of work and that APUSH does too. My friend took APUSH and AP English this year and had to drop down to Honors English because it was too much work.</p>

<p>I just really don't want next year to be like this year, where I'm doing homework for hours after getting home. :( So how hard is APUSH? Should I take it?</p>