MAKING THE MOST out of hs and college

<p>I think in order to gain the most out of high school you need to just do a little of everything. From sports to band, business clubs to community service, do as much as you can. I did 3 varsity sports, FBLA(biz club) school prez, organized a 5k run/walk and other things (yes I was very busy). What's good about that was I figured out that after playing hockey for 13years, I didn't want to continue, and that I don't want to do track and cross country in college. Not to say I hated those sports, but I just got bored of them. Try things out, see what you like, don't always worry about grades. Have some fun, hang out with cool the cool kids and the nerds. </p>

<p>Then when you get to college, you know what you want. For instance, I'm going to continue FBLA through college with the college level called PBL. I'll still do the 5k run/walk I love and some of the other community service. Now that I'm in college and have EXPLORED in high school, I can now FOCUS and dedicate my time to what I've found I enjoy most.</p>

<p>k wow kinglin.... thanks thats some good advice right there!</p>

<p>about how much does an app cost and how long does it take to complete one? also:</p>

<p>what colleges do you think i have a 0 percent chance at and i shouldn't even apply to even if GOD gave me a rec... i don't want to waste my time and 50 dollars lol!</p>

<p>read above for stats : )</p>

<p>i guess my main point for this thread is.... I and many others i believe are too stressed about getting into a GREAT college... i mean like top 25 in the nation... hopefully the ivies. I guess it matters mostly to me because I want to do law and getting into a good unergrad matters somewhat into the application to law school... like going from uc santa barbara to the top 10 law schools is pretty tough... maybe even with a good g.p.a and lsat??? i'm confused w/e i guess i should try not to stress to much about applications and impressing by family... like everyday i spend 20 minutes calculating my g.p.a. and like an 30 min to an hour each DAY on this site... its like an addiction... I liek can't stop thinking about college and getting into a great school... I should spend more time with friends and living life to the max right here and right now</p>