MAKING THE MOST out of hs and college

<p>I have a big question and I was wondering if I could get an answer... most people here have great grades and everything... but how do you make the most out of your hs or college career... I want to look back 20 years later and say I did lots of stuff besides studying back in those days... I want to play sports, hang out with friends, do stuff ya know...but at the same time getting good grades is hard. What do most of you students do in hs or college besides studying or academic related activities that you believe your making the most and best experience as a youngster... I don't just want to study, but it seems I have no time for anything else.: ( my friends think i'm weird. How can I make the most out of high school(what should I do) and look back on those days and really say : that was fun, stupid, and amazing.
But at the same time maintain great grades and all</p>

<p>You could start out by studying less at home and more during study halls. I crammed in school so I had the rest of the day off. Soon you will get the same grades by studying less and less, and eventually get by with hardly any studying at all, at home or at school.</p>

<p>budget your time...that's the only answer. </p>

<p>Learn how to say no, so that you can give your all to the things that you care about and not halfass everything.</p>

<p>In college, depending on your school, join a fraternity or sorority (don't know if you are a guy or a girl). This is not the case at all schools - the Greek life at some places really blows. But if the greek system is solid, a fraternity or sorority will only enhance your college experience (especially that fun/stupid/amazing segment). A good fraternity or sorority will actually boost your GPA.</p>

<p>hmm, i'll be completely honest. i think that i made the most of my high school experience because i did everything i could to make it fun (and i mean everything). i was friends with the band kids the first year or two. so i was completely immersed in band related extracurriculars and i went to all of the school spirit things (it was required for band). i went on vacation with friends (to mexico) while in high school. then i ditched the ap students (well actually i moved) and started hanging out with regular kids. instead of doing band related ecs, i would drink and have random makeout sessions (which i mostly regret now, but i think it was a good experience). i had my whole geeky girl stage and then i was suddenly dating the homecoming/prom king. all the while i did this stuff, i still remained at the top of my class (in retrospect i have no idea how). so i can honestly say that i experienced everything i could have during high school.</p>

<p>Dude, at my school the geek IS the homecoming/prom king.</p>

<p>what are you going to value more in 10 years: the close friends you made and are still in touch with, or the fact that you got an A instead of an A- on a paper?</p>

<p>For school stuff since 9th grade I was in both spanish and english drama, then in 11th I joined IB drama. I was involved in football outside of school during 9th and 10th grade then decided to join the varsity team in 11th and 12th didn't get to go to the last tournament of either though because of injuries of the knee and foot respectively :(. I was also in MUN this year and the last.</p>

<p>Outside school I'd go out drinking with friends thursday, friday, and saturday since the middle of 9th grade or so</p>

<p>I feel that i have a greater appreciation for the smart basketball player with a 3.8 than the val with 4.4. The reason is that the basketball player did stuff besides studying and according to studies has a better chance at some of the top schools because they know he/she can handle a hefty workload and other activities. I've ssen it happen over and over again at my school. Many athletes with great grades like 3.7+ get into Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, over the val and sal.</p>

<p>huskem 55, its more like, what are you going to value more, having mainained 3 close friendships during highschool, or earning a 3.9 instead of a 2.9 and maintaining only 1 close friendship during highschool</p>

<p>a little extreme, dont you think smith?</p>

<p>I think that if you have to choose between remembering either friends or grades, then you have issues. If you have good grades, then you'll most likely hang with others that have good grades and are equally dedicated to education as well. And, geesh, get over the nerd stereotype people! All my friends and myself, who are the top 1%, happen to be normal people. We actually have more of a life than most. Making good grades is not a matter of not having a social life. If you can't balance that, then there must be bigger issues. Then again, this is all high school crap I'm talking about. In college, I don't think it'll change that dramatically, but if you have good time management, I don't see why you would have to sacrifice one aspect for another. Actually, some of the wildest party people I know make the best grades and have the sharpest minds... well, when they're not drunk.</p>

<p>As far as I can say, you make your experience what it is. If a guy happens to really like doing independent research during his college career, then, when he looks back, he'll think it was a great experience. But, for the football jock, he would probably beg to differ. It depends on each person's perspective and desires.</p>

<p>thanks .... the thing is.. I have too many ec's. I play 2 varsity sports blah blah... i guess my question is establishing friendships and relationships and partying it up and doing the most you can while being young... The only time it seems i can do it is 2nd semester senior year or sometime during the summer. I guess movies have a big impact... WOW I have friends, but I can't find time to actually do stuff and party and at the same time get good grades ( i mean like 4.0 uw) good sats and ec's and all that jazz... the point is a simple example:</p>

<p>the val at my school has a 4.45 and is going to stanford... she didn't go to any dance, any football game and no parties. she is STILL studying out of the physics ap book even when the ap tests are all over.. the whole class is watching star wars 1-6 the series and she's studying physics and doing practice problems out of the book... I really don;t want to end up like that.. I wanna DO something great while in high school and make it the best, but at the same time maintain grades... i got 2 years to plan</p>

<p>Haha, okay, yes, she's a certified nerd. But, seriously, you're getting the wrong idea from this girl! She's an... anomaly, I must say. She's a rare one who you'll also come across similar ones in college, but, think about it, if there were only people that studied their butts off and then people who have a social life and party, then where does all the majority of "normal" people go? I'm sure there are people in your school and every single one across America who have both a social life, ECs, and good grades. Look around. ;)</p>

<p>thats kinda hard to believe -<em>- i mean good grades as in 4.0 uw or's as in sports, leadership, businesses, and politica involvement and on top of that... party it up -</em>-</p>

<p>Hmmm? The val for my senior class I think has a 4.0 uw gpa, was in varsity volleyball, MUN, community service and other crap and she goes out every friday and saturday night... its about time management. She going to argentina for college.</p>

<p>The sal of my class is practically the same deal and she is going to dartmouth.</p>

<p>Just because you haven't managed doesn't mean its impossible.</p>

<p>Okay, let me tell you about one of our school's salutatorians:</p>

<p>4.0 GPA, voted best musician, Yale EA. His essay to Yale was a ballet that he had composed himself. </p>

<p>He was one of those people who studied without studying; slept during class and yet still could pull ANYTHING off. Intelligent, but he had fun and was in LOADS of ECs too: Band section leader, soccer team, MUN, etc etc etc. And he still had time to go out and be sociable and stuff.</p>

<p>It really depends on what kind of a person you are. </p>

<p>another example: another salutatorian; going to Brown. Polo/swim, MUN, a VERY prestigious volunteer organization on campus, etc etc etc...freaking huge-ass partyer. In fact, if you didn't know him well enough you'd think he was a stereotypical jock, when he's really one of the smartest kids at our school.</p>

<p>um... here are my ec's:
Dance-Volunteer-10 years
Soccer-Captain-2 years
Tennis-Captain and ranked number 3 -4 years
Peer mediator-Volunteer-2 years
CSF-Member-3 years
NHS-President-3 years
JNS-President and founder-3 years
Multi-Cultural Club-Secretary/VP-4 years
Debate Club- Club manager/Public Relations-3 years
Eagle Scout- Patrol Leader and Troop guide-10 years
Jazz band/Orchestra-Section Alto Sax-8 years
Football Summer weight training and conditioning
(cornerback, DB, and Wide Receiver)
Much more than this -_-
500 hours community service</p>


<p>And maybe arec from a professor at UCB and Harvard</p>

<p>I guess my leadership is the only above average ec I
Have -_- maybe sports will help me but I have done a lot
of community service for the younger and older
generations of America</p>


<p>(EA to most of these schools)
UC Irvine
UC berkeley
UC San Diego
Michigan university ann arbor
John Hopkins
U of Chicago
Carnegie Mellon</p>

SAT 1: 2200+
10-11 grades ( for stanford, cmu, princeton,ucs)- 3.97
uw and 4.5+ W
9-11 3.74 uw and 4.11 W and with 12 grade included
everything goes up a lot.... so rd decision helps???</p>

<p>not sure about my class rank... my class rank for
10/11th grade is about 1-5 out of 570</p>

<p>My major: politcal Science/econ</p>

<p>my ec's fill out 3-4 pages of word document... not trying to brag but doing all that... gettin a 4.0 uw or close, playing 2 or 3 var sports, be in 5-6 clubs with leadership roles, working with the mayor and being a rep for the youth, partying... eagle scout 500-600 hrs of comm service and on top of all that have fun in high school and do the most stuff... it might not be impossible, but it is very difficult...I guess i'll just party senior year... w/e cuz when COLLEGE STARTS... THEN NOBODY HAS A LIFE... well compared to how good i want to do in college... for some of you a 3.5 is good in cllege, but i prolly wont get a job with a 3.6 or lower</p>

<p>My goodness, that's long. I'm going to get a recommendation from Pope Benedict and Bill Gates too. Right after I kidnap the archbishop of Argentina and Gates' son and hold them hostage.</p>

<p>Skywalk, the best of luck to you.... and also the best of luck to you filling out all those apps! :S</p>

<p>i dont understand how partying affects grades at all... i mean, my grades were acually higher this year when i started going out on fri and sat night.... its not like youll be doing work on either of those days even if you stay home</p>