making up for a low GPA (ECON)

<p>So other than research, is there any other way for ECON majors to make up for their low GPA? I would like to do research and get the full ECON experience to sorta make up for my poor academia skills. It takes me a bit longer to learn new things, but once I get the hang of it I tend to do well, and I would really love to get a MA/MS in ECON, but I am a bit worried because my grades are not very good. I will be a 2nd year/junior soon at a CSU in a very small city. My school is not a research university (I think..). What types of things can I do to help build my application to go to grad school, besides studying for the GREs, working on my GPA, taking lots of math, and the obvious stuff- if there is anything?</p>

<p>You and I are in the same boat. Low GPA, want to go to grad school, is in a CSU, second year Junior. For me my plan is this: study hard I have two years to bring up my GPA. I am shooting for 3.4 but I think 3.5-6 is possible. Then, I applied to transfer to another school...still no word (there are schools with rolling admission worth going to). A private school always looks better on a grad app.</p>