Male / Female Ratio - Question for the Women

<p>I've seen a lot of comments about the male / female ratio at WPI from the guys point of view. Any comments from the woman's point of view. My daughter is going to be a freshman at WPI in the fall. She has her moments when she just likes doing things with her girlfriends and not being hounded by the boys. From the guys comments, it would seem hard to do at WPI. Comments? Should I make up a big poster of me polishing my shotgun collection to get the point across?</p>

<p>HPuck35 (aka; WPI to be Dad)</p>

<p>That is great to hear your daughter will be joining WPI in the fall! I can tell you that once she is on campus, the ratio is not as noticeable. There are so many women-specific programing she can get involved in as well as other organizations she can join on campus to not only meet other women but stay involved on campus. I would encourage her to be active in finding clubs and organizations that she is interested in. There are so many wonderful women doing such wonderful things on campus that I do not think she will have any problems! I hope that helps! We will see your family in the fall!</p>

<p>There are a lot of programs geared to just women on campus. And not all WPI males are very social so when you compare the females to the active males, it's about 50/50.</p>

<p>Plus there are all girl floors to choose.</p>