Male/Female Ratio

<p>Are Goucher trying to narrow the gap? On the website it said 40% of their 2003 incoming class was male, is that trend continuing?</p>

<p>when we looked at goucher several years ago for my d, the ratio was closer to only 30% male. in general, a 40-60 split is not that unusual these days at many liberal arts schools, at least as far as we've seen. we even saw an artilce about it about a year ago in a local paper about how so many schools have more women than men.
d isn't at goucher, so can't offer anything more specific about what is going on there.</p>

<p>Just finished a road trip to visit 13 colleges with my D and I can tell you that a 60/40 split is not uncommon. Nationally the ratio is 56/44.</p>

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NY Times column, registration is still free, I believe.</p>

<p>According to this month's Goucher online newspaper, the new stats are out for the incoming class of 2010 - incoming freshmen ratio was 33% male and 67% female.</p>

<p>^That does seem so good. I mean says that for guys its great to have more girls, but I think 2/3 girls is a bit much. </p>

<p>I really want to consider Goucher because of Baltimore, the great study abroad oppotunites and the attitude of the school. But the overwhelming female populations, and the presence of theatre-y people is making me shy away.</p>

<p>i am at goucher now and the theater scene really isnt dominant. as for the guy/girl ratio, it can be an issue for some people but with towson u right down the street there are plenty of opportunities to meet guys if the ones here don't suit you</p>

<p>Goucher just came on our "radar". My daughter is a jr. She is looking to pol sci and vocal music. You Goucher folks, would she find good depts in those areas? </p>

<p>David, Akron, OH</p>

<p>Deloar, I recommend that you check out the Goucher website for the majors. My daughter is a freshman and her major is Psychology. Goucher appears to have an extensive political science and international relations department. In the music department, they have 6 or seven courses in the vocal area, such as intro. and int. vocal studies, chamber music, capella, opera, etc. Don't know how good the department is, though.</p>

<p>i can attest to the poli sci department being very good, and although i have not taken any music classes i have many friends that have. one of my closest friends is a vocal performance major, and he loves it. the faculty here, in every department, are really great about helping out students, even if you never been in one of their classes. i definitely would recommend, if you get a chance to visit, talking to faculty in those departments and your daughter can see for herself.</p>

<p>Anyone know anything about Art History at Goucher? Daughter is a HS junior and we don't know much about what to look for in a strong department. Will visit in the spring. Thanks.</p>