malls near cornell

<p>i was on this website...<a href=""&gt;;/a>
and it lists stores in the vicinity. when i went, i saw none of this, are these places pretty far?</p>

<p>This mall is in Syracuse, over an hour away. There is a mall called the Pyramid Mall, about a 15 minute car/bus ride from campus.</p>

<p>the pyramid mall- what stores does this have?</p>

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<p>Oddly enough, Target seems to be most popular with Cornellians.</p>

<p>Seems like a decent mall...has all the essentials, like EB and Best Buy (nerd? no.)</p>

<p>ive been to pyramid mall like 10 times. it gets boring...its only a mall, n its pretty small. all the shops u would find in other malls--bestbuy,theatre,footlocker,target,oldnavy,tops, n others. when i went (visiting my brother) it was a weekday. the place was empty as hell. when i went during summer weekends,, it was pretty packed, but still tolerable.</p>

<p>people dont really go to the mall to hang out...its more of a place to get stuff u need, that's why target is great. also there's a cineplex, borders, sears, and a best buy.</p>

<p>Ah, borders is a definate plus.</p>

<p>I also hear that a Wal-Mart is being built in Ithaca, but it won't be a supercenter. There is a supercenter in my hometown and the prices on groceries are much lower than anywhere else in town. A supercenter would probably be good competition for Wegmans.</p>

<p>What Ithaca needs is a better movie theater. I only know of the one at the Pyramid Mall and it is low quality, but still expensive.</p>

<p>Honestly, you dont really need to be at the mall. I was so worried coming to Ithaca from the city, but there is so much other stuff to do that like I said before, mostly people go to the mall to pick up stuff they need. There's so much stuff going on on weekends on campus that you'll never miss the mall (and this coming from someone who lives in within a 15 minute vicinity of 4 different shopping malls at home). Plus about the theater, its a pretty decent multiplex, Regal Cinemas. In any case, there are 2 dinky theaters on campus inside Willard Straight Hall and Uris Hall, that show foreign films, and even more recent movies like ones that just left out of the theaters but is still too soon to be on dvd, and those movies are 4 bucks. Its fun to go with your friends, honestly you wont be bored here.</p>

<p>I agree that there's lots to do but the movie theater at Pyramid Mall leaves a lot to be desired. I made the mistake of buying an Icee once and ended up in a theater with no freakin' cup holders on the seats.</p>

<p>Yeah, the Pyramid theater isn't all that great. I personally like Uris on campus the best so far, simply because it's comfortable. I do with we had a real nice theater though.</p>