man, I'm so confused...

ok, so our school does next to nothing to help us with college applications, so i turn to all of you knowledgeable applicants, alumni, and parents for help:

my application says: list any scholastic distinctions you’ve won since entering high school.

now by scholastic, is it strictly academic related? Or school related? Because i have many awards for sports but not so many BIG awards for academics… also, what are some examples of awards/recognition that would be placed here? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

<p>scholastic: of or relating to schools or scholars; especially : of or relating to high school or secondary school</p>

<p>I've never seen any applications that specifically say "scholastic" (usually "awards", "distinctions", or "honors") but I'll give you my two cents...I think that it means school related, meaning you could include sports.</p>

<p>Examples: Institutional awards like Humanities and Social Sciences Award or National Merit, any awards you won on an academic team (math team, future problem solving, science olympiad, etc.), and so on...</p>

<p>I think by scholastic they want you to just put academic awards down.</p>

<p>Oh it's the MIT application. They have a separate place for sports and school activities I think... this is all so confusing :(</p>

<p>Oh well, national merit went in there, rensselaer medal went in there, principal's award, nhs etc... I hope that's ok :-&lt;/p>

<p>Sounds good to me. Just list the sports awards elsewhere.</p>

<p>I agree with Carolyn.</p>

<p>ok thanks guys :)</p>