Manhattan College Class of 2021 Admission

Well it’s started. My DD just got her letter today congratulating her on admission to MC for Chemical Engineering. Also included the President’s scholly of 16,500 per year (nice). She has a 4.5 WGPA, 3.9 UW, 1260 on the new SAT. Best ACT score was 25, but MC’s Admissions told me they superscore the ACT (which comes out to 28). Excellent recommendations.

My son got the same for Chem E. $16,500. 4.3 weighted and 33 ACT.

@ChemEmother Congratulations! We’ll visit at the end of January. DD likes the 5-year program with the MS in Cosmetics Engineering. Also likes the size of the school and the personal attention.

@mtown27 Thanks! You too. We have visited twice and we were really impressed with the faculty and support system. There is also a 5 year master’s degree program that sounds like a good option. What other schools are on your daughter’s list?

Meant to say 5 year with petroleum emphasis ^^

@ChemEmother Other schools include Rutgers, UMBC, Rowan, and Delaware. She’s already been accepted into UDel and is waiting to find out merit aid. Should hear from Rutgers and UMBC this week.In all cases, she wants to major in ChemE.

How about your son’s list?

@mtown27 Rutgers, Rowan, Delaware, Lehigh, Lafayette, Bucknell, Villanovaand WPI

Accepted school of liberal arts! 28 ACT 3.8 W GPA, 21,500 scholarship!

Congratulations @studentny2017! Interesting … it’s hard to figure out how MC assigns merit scholarships, even when looking at previous threads on this. Are they willing to pay more for liberal arts students? Is there something else in your background (certain sports, activities, or ECs) that attracted them?

Did people receive acceptance letters in the mail or via email?

@iindresano Everything Manhattan has done had been by snail mail.

@mtown27 thank you! just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing any important emails

@mtown27 has Rowan downloaded your app yet?

@ChemEmother Well, when I applied to college, the was no Internet from which to download. :wink:

But they DID download my DD’s app a couple of days ago.

I know that Manhattan College works on rolling admissions I was wondering when people submitted their Apps because I have received no information from MC yet

@desperateplea MC sent my daughter a post card when the received her app. She subsequently called them to see if her app was complete. They seem very responsive, whether by phone or email, so I would reach out to them.

One question. … did you use the Common App? If so, does the common app website indicate that MC downloaded the app?

Yes I applied via the common app on Nov 1 and no i did not receive a post card in the mail. I was at the school for an engineering program and they said that if you apply when at that time you would hear back around the holidays so i thought nothing of it

I actually got my acceptance letter and the presidential scholarship!

Hi do the award letters come in with the acceptance letters? I received my acceptance but no $$. Thanks!

@kaka20 My daughter received her scholarship letter with her admission letter.