Manhattan College Class of 2023

With rolling admissions, I thought it would be good to start this year’s thread.

Has anyone been accepted yet?

My daughter decided to apply somewhat last minute. She just applied today! She still has a few regular admissions schools to apply to as well.

@JBSeattle Good luck with all of the applications! This whole process is definitely nerve wracking for us parents. I was hoping that being a rolling admissions school we would hear quickly, but that hasn’t been the case. We’re still eagerly awaiting a decision. ?

When did your son or daughter apply? I understand Manhattan notifies by snail mail. So, it might take longer for my daughter given that the envelope has a ways to travel!
She did get her first acceptance (Western Washington) this week!

@JBSeattle Congratulations - that first acceptance is so wonderful!! :slight_smile:
I believe that my daughter’s application was complete around October 10th. We are in New York state so snail mail would only take a couple of days. Hopefully we’ll hear soon.

@aimster888 and @JBSeattle did your daughters check the portal to see if their applications are complete? My S19 applied a few weeks ago and the portal still shows his application is incomplete since they haven’t received everything from his HS yet.

S19 applied for engineering. His app was ‘submitted’ on 10/16, but his last document arrived on 11/6 so we’re not sure when we’ll find out. We’re in Manhattan so delivery will be quick.

Good luck to all!

My D is kind of strange about not wanting to check portals. Her school’s GC has assured us everything is being sent in a timely matter. It is a Catholic/private HS but the GC seems ok at best.
My D applied to Manahattan after most of her other apps were in (EA mostly). She just has 2 RD schools left to apply to.

@jimbobcharlie according to my daughter the portal shows her application as complete. I cannot personally verify that as she hasn’t specifically shown me, but I have no reason not to believe her. Just have fingers crossed to hear soon. ?

When did she apply? Where else is she applying? I am going to have my daughter call for an interview. Even if it gives her a 1% extra chance for a scholarship, it is worth it.

@JBSeattle I believe that her application was complete by mid-October. She is also applying to: Fordham University, Simmons University and University of Pittsburgh. She has been accepted at Pitt and we are waiting to hear from the others. My daughter discussed an interview with her admissions representative and was told that since she’d been on campus twice (for a tour and info session and then a separate open house) and since the admissions rep had met her twice when the rep visited my daughter’s high school the last two years that there was no need for her to do an interview.

Makes sense, we are only a few thousand miles away so it is tough to do all that an my daughter is applying/has applied to 11 schools.
Her other schools are: Drexel, Vermont, Ohio Wesleyan, Western Washington (in state and very reasonable, she was accepted and this has been her only decision so far), Cal Poly SLO, San Diego St., Point Loma, Univ of San Diego, Occidental and Univ of Denver. She has yet to apply to San Diego and Occidental as they are ED or RD only and she did not want to apply ED anywhere. All the other schools except the Cal States she applied EA (except Manhattan which is the only rolling admissions school on her list). I think we will be waiting longer than the rest of you due to the distance and that she applied later than you kids.

@JBSeattle I believe that they will do phone interviews. You are right- you are definitely too far away to just be dropping by for an afternoon. Seattle is gorgeous and since we visited a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been on a college wish list. I think my son is going to look at grad school out there. :slight_smile:

What would your son study in grad school? Where would he apply out here?
Seattle is nice but the dreary weather does get tiresome around Jan-Feb in particular.

@aimster888 Lol, central NY is not known for it’s cheery weather either plus the cold and snow are a drag. I’m not sure that he has any particular plans yet as he’s only a sophomore. He is dual majoring in International relations (emphasis on diplomacy and foreign service) and French. I am not sure if it is a real plan or just a dream. :slight_smile:

Your weather is more like a whipping for a month or two whereas our’s is Chinese Water torture for about 6 months.

@JBSeattle you might be surprised (or not). Seattle has 226 days per year of cloud cover, and although it’s less Rochester has 200 (and Syracuse was even worse!). Luckily for both of our children, NYC only has 132 days of cloud cover. B-)

Finally got my D to check portals. She received e mail notification that everything was received, the portal did not show anything.

I also noticed on the website that Manhattan only notifies students about admission via snail mail and not via email. That may be why the portal didn’t change. ?

Yup, that is why I said earlier that our wait will be longer than your’s.