Manhattan College class of 25

Haven’t seen thread, so I’ll start one

D was accepted with 30k annual merit

Test optional

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@BmacNJ congrats! Is mc a strong contender for your daughter? Can you share her stats/intended major? When did she apply? 30 is very generous!

Congratulations @BmacNJ . MC was one of the before-final-list finalists for my S20 last year. Personally, I kind of wish he had chosen MC for the small-to-mid-sized school experience while being in the Bronx/NYC. The more I learned about MC, the more I liked it.

If MC one of your D’s faves?

@econpop and @mommct Thanks. Manhattan wasn’t really on the radar. Son went to Fordham (waiting on them) and she received free application way back when. Sat thru a few virtual admission visits and applied. Dean Award for $30k per year in merit was surprise. D is a slightly above average student. went test optional, 3.7 weighted, top 20% of top competitive public school. Only 2 AP’s, Lots of extracurriculars. Will visit in person in Spring, but would be shocked if it moves up the list.

Son was accepted for civil engineering with 36K merit scholarship. We visited the school earlier this month. We liked it a lot but still waiting to hear back from other schools.


Are there any additional merit scholarships from Manhattan College that you know of other than what is listed on the website?

Congrats @MisBee, $36k is great! Was your son offered multiple scholarships? @BmacNJ did your d receive the dean’s award or presidential scholarship? My son applied to business school and we are waiting to hear, mc is his first choice, hoping to hear soon!

@mommct Good luck to your son, MC has a lot to offer. Hope his acceptance comes with a nice merit offer. My D received the Deans Scholarship of $30k per year


One. The Trustees Scholarship

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Thanks…Do you know any details about that Scholarship

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No, sorry. Its not posted on the Manhattan College website. It’s the first time I’m heard of it.

Son got his acceptance email today!! @BmacNJ @MisBee do you remember the time between the email and actual Accepted Student Packet received in the mail. Anxious to hear about merit scholarship.

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@mommct it was probably 2-3 days
I’m sure you’ll get it this week. Hope it’s more then you expect. Congrats & Good luck

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Congrats. Son received his acceptance email on Nov 28. We received the Accepted Student Packet Dec. 12.

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Finally received packet in mail…son was offered $30k dean’s scholarship! He is definitely leaning towards Manhattan especially now that we know the scholarship amount.


@mommct Congrats. Would you mind sharing his stats and what his major is?

Thanks! He wants to major in business and their five year bs/mba program interests him. GPA 3.8ish with a mix of AP and honors classes and a few CPA’s thrown in, pretty competitive district in CT… Did not submit test scores and not a ton of ec but what he is involved in he has leadership roles.


D21 was accepted with a $36,000 scholarship, the letter said it’s a Trustee Scholarship, but I don’t see that on their website, so is it the Presidential scholarship? Anybody know if that is the highest award.

@AndreaLynn - That is the amount my son got as well. I’m wondering the same myself. What is your daughter’s major? Is Manhattan her first choice?

@MisBee Adolescent Education in Math. It’s probably tied for 2nd choice.