Manhattan College or Rutgers University

Hello! I have been accepted into Manhattan College and Rutgers University. However, I would like to know which one is better for majoring in engineering? I have heard many good things about both of them which makes a little bit difficult on which one I should decide to attend.
Any advice would be awesome, thank you for the help!!

Both colleges have long established, well respected Schools of Engineering with extensive alumni networks especially in the metro NY area. A graduate of either school comes out well trained and prepared for either their first job or grad school. Both have similar graduation rates

The biggest difference is size and the environment you want to learn in. Rutgers has all of the advantages of a large research university with its accompanying facilities… You can choose your major from 9 different areas of engineering. Manhattan has fewer engineering majors from which to se (6) from which to select. Although smaller, Manhattan has recently renovated its Engineering building and has added a new STEM building next door with state of the art facilities for the purpose of better integrating math, science, and engineering disciplines.

On the other hand, Rutgers’ size creates a bigger system to navigate on your own. Manhattan has built its reputation on individual attention to help students succeed. For example, professors are expected to refer students who are struggling in the first 4 weeks of a course to the Center for Academic Success. The Center doesn’t wait for students to ask for help; they reach out to the student immediately to provide support so the student can be successful in the course. It’s a small college with a more hands on approach.

What is the cost difference between the 2 , if your in NJ RU is the clear choice.

It’s not just about the cost. Engineering offers a very good return on investment. You can go to to see how graduates from any school fare in post college income both short term and long term. Manhattan graduates, for example are earning more 3 years after graduation than companion NYC schools NYU and Fordham.

It’s really about picking the environment in which you’re most likely to thrive. Being successful in college is the most important thing about your undergraduate experience.

I say this as someone who’s cheap. I drive a 2009 Smart Car for which I paid $13,000 including sales tax. I think anyone who pays $40,000 more than that for a vehicle who’s ever only purpose is to provide good, basic transportation is crazy. But people do. AND many loan or lease to do it. AND many trade it in after 3 years for another pricey car.

A college education is one of the best investments you can make. Get it right the first time. If big State U is the right fit for you, go for it! If a small liberal arts college with a School of Engineering is a better fit, then it’s money worth spending. You have 2 great choices.