Manual Waitlisted. What do I do now?

<p>I've relatively low on a upper division psych course and the waitlist is manually processed. My question is who do i talk to (if anyone) about getting off of it or do I just wait? Should I speak to the professors or the advisors? Thanks</p>

<p>Manual wait-list just means that it's up to the professor to move people around. This means that the method can vary by professor. But, USUALLY how it's done is that the people who keep attending the first few weeks of class will get moved in while the people who don't are dropped out. I don't know whether your classes specifically follow this or not.</p>

<p>Yeah one of the classes I'm manually waitlisted in is half empty because those seats are reserved for people with a certain major. But I assume if no one of that criterion takes it, they'll move us in? Do we get emailed or something if we get off the waitlist?</p>

<p>If we're on a manual waitlist, should we email the prof before the semester starts or just meet them on the first day of class or something?</p>

<p>my roommate said that he is way back on the waitlist for a class required for his major. and he said he just emailed his professor and explained his situation, so the professor then manually enrolled him before those many people.</p>