Many questions...

<p>hi, okay so i'm just going to get right down to it</p>

<p>i know this is a stupid question but how do you calculate your gpa? in high school, it was a combination of all my classes from all years (9th, 10th, etc) however my friend who has applied to a csu had her gpa go up to 3.6 because they included her ib classes? so i don't know. i pretty much had the same gpa in high school and we got the same ib score.</p>

<p>also, should i even bother applying to 'good' schools with a low gpa? i want to go into drama, and i wanted to apply to the usc school of theatre however i don't know if they look at academics more or the audition tape more.</p>

<p>with student loans, i am an international student. have any of you guys applied for loans through websites? ive googled some college loan websites however i don't know if theres a catch with any of them or not.</p>

<p>thanks for the help in advance.</p>

<p>To calculate your GPA, it all depends on the school. I can't help you there, so you'd have the ask the school. Some include IB/ AP/ Dual enrollment, and some don't.
Yes, apply to good schools but make sure you apply to safety schools that you're pretty confident you can get into. They will look at both your GPA, SAT, and audition tapes! Every factor counts, don't ever forget that.
And I would never apply for a loan from a random website. There is a chance they are a scam! I would only take loans from the FAFSA, though I do not know if that is for international students as well, I do not believe it is. Go to your school counselor and ask about loans, don't ever randomly take things from the internet!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>