March 1

<p>The countdown to march 1st begins, the day that most of the uci decisions will come out.</p>

<p>Crap 3 More Days! And It Just Has To Be A Leap Year! Omfg</p>

<p>53 hours 53 minutes!!!!!!</p>

<p>does it mean anything if some people get the decisions earlier than others?</p>

<p>oh and can't wait till march 1st lol :)</p>

<p>Just because it starts on March 1st, doesn't mean we'll all get it on March 1st. </p>

<p>It could very well come at any time during the month.</p>

<p>Who said that March 1 is "the day"?</p>

<p>On March 1st, UCI released a large batch of admissions for the class of 2010. I was accepted on that day two years ago. Although they can push it back as much as they want, I'm pretty sure you'll be seeing a lot on March 1st. The order of batches (aside from the very first and very last) released have not had any particular patterns so don't be making things up!</p>

<p>already got mine</p>


<p>Ah....great -_- not looking forward to this...</p>

<p>All these weeks of stress and uncertianty will finally be over. For most of us, all the worry and tension it all comes to an end come 3AM Saturday morning.</p>

<p>I'd rather worry than be really really really sad.. ):</p>

<p>I have a debate tournament that day. SOMEONE REMIND ME TO CALL MY GF!!</p>

i already get mind :)</p>

<p>^^ XeN0cidE Woo Speech & Debate! I went to Nats a couple times in HS! =)</p>

<p>they sent out decisions even tho its a saturday?</p>

<p>if i remember correctly bunch of other school released their ea/ed results on saturday too...</p>

<p>yikes now i'm nervous!!! good luck everyone!</p>

<p>ya debate :D
couple more HOURS!!</p>

<p>so nervous!!</p>

<p>omg only 4 more hours! I'm going to wait it out tonight</p>