March 15 SAT

<p>just took it. anyone care to discuss? i've tried to remember the CR questions that i thought were hard, but can't think of them.</p>

<p>they were quite annoying. especially the double passage and the one about the black writer crap -.-''</p>

<p>yeah. i actually thought the first CR section i had about the bus driver and whatever came after it was difficult. CR is my weak point. plus, the sentence completions were hard i thought.</p>

<p>Wasn't sure that CR was that hard, but one of the math sections was ridiculously easy. Maybe that was experimental?</p>

<p>Hey guys. I thought the math was facile. I don't know if this was because I performed well or if it was actually easy. Can someone give me their opinion.</p>

<p>The 3 circles question: 10pie???
the one where you had to find the area of the region between the circles. </p>

<p>NMQP #14/16- the probability question- 1/16?</p>

<p>Any confirmation?</p>

<p>I agree , the first one was ridiculously easy. You're talking about the same section right?</p>

<p>With respects to Ashraf Eassa, I am his friend, not himself. I forgot my password, so I am using his account because I am desperate to check for an 800 Math. :)</p>

<p>i thought it was 1/24.</p>

<p>what was the one that was like distill-something/ squander-profiligacy?</p>

<p>Writing was pretty even with the writing sections of other tests. Reading was a little harder though. </p>

<p>-Not Ashraf Eassa</p>

<p>I don't know. I can't remember any reading questions. Why 1/24??</p>

1 combination of 16 so 1/16. Am I wrong?</p>

<p>What do you guys think was experimental section? The 1st Math?</p>

<p>4x3x2= 24... you had the right idea- your math was wrong though- it was 1/24</p>

<p>Just to let you guys know, scores come out same time as the March 1st test. Does anyone know when that is though? I heard someone say the day's the upcoming Thursday. Could anyone check? Thanks</p>

<p>omg shiiit- That was retarded!!! arrrrg, I hope that was the experimental. It better be! 4x3x2= 16!! crapp , what was I thinking</p>

<p>haha dont worry about it.</p>

<p>the march 1st scores get back around march 20</p>


- perimeter or curved triangle
- the logic one: if i studied for the test....
- number of possibilities of 5x+1 between 35 - 300
- length of diagonal inside rectangular prism</p>

- the nelson mandela one
- James and his collections</p>

<p>I just........ thought.... so sure, soso sure,........ I need an 800!! I suck at reading so I need my math to boost me up, and I am a math freak. The 10 pie is correct though right? for the 3 circle perimeter question?</p>

<p>Any other math questions you can think of that were hard? I'm trying to check as many as I can.</p>

<p>i thought the perimeter question was 20 pie because:</p>

<p>each angle was 120˚...arc length for each angle was 20/3 --> x 3 = 20 pie. im pretty sure</p>

<p>i thought each arc was 1/6 the circumference of each circle and 1/6(20pi) then times 3 for the 3 arcs makes it 10pi</p>