March 1st ACT 2016 (72B)

Today was one of the state-required ACT days, and I was just wondering how you guys felt about it? Hope it went well… Personally, I thought the science section was unusually hard.

I took the ACT as well (state required in NC) and also had the 72 B form. This was my first time taking the ACT and I I had minimal prep. I felt great on the English section and decent on the reading section. I was unable to finish my math in time and had to guess on the last 5 or so questions; however, I feel that the questions I did answer in time were correct. I had heard the science section would be hard and the most time constrained, so I did myself the favor of reading the questions and then finding the answers within the data. I really don’t know what to think about it considering I could have very easily made some mistakes. I really don’t care about the writing, but I wrote a lot and was most prepared for that section. I am expecting a score of at least a 27, and would be thrilled to break 30. I plan on taking the ACT in my own time at least 2 more times if I don’t get a 32 or something crazy (you never know). I hope you did well and I look forward to posting my score in about a month.

Hey, sorry for replying so late! I am glad you thought you did pretty well - especially for your first time taking it! I know the first time I took the ACT, it was pretty daunting, so I hope you did well :slight_smile: Maybe since everyone I spoke to thought this ACT in particular was somewhat harder than usual, everyone will do better than expected. I will be sure to post my score when I receive it. Good luck :smiley:

Got my scores in:
Composite: 29
English: 29
Math: 28
Reading: 31
Science: 28
Writing: 20

I was surprised I did that well on the math; I will definitely prep more and take again to break into the 30s.

@CollegeBound1325 Congrats on your 29!
When did you take your ACT? Some are taking them March 1st, others March 15th. JW when my S17 will come in the mail…

Thank you! I took mine through my high school on March 1st, and received the scores during spring break.