March 1st Deadling please help

<p>Im currently going to UNT and my scholarship dead line is march first. I have simited my online fafsa on like Feb 22nd. Im just concerned that does my school need a copy of my tax return? Or does the online fafsa cover the scholarships dependent on financial aid ? </p>

<p>Because my school will not take my 2010 2011 tax returns until april.</p>

<p>You ask, “Does my school need a copy of my tax return?” by a March 1st deadline.
And then you add, “My school will not take my 2010 2011 tax returns until April”</p>

<p>If your school won’t accept your tax return until April, how could it be that it simultaneously would require it by March 1st?</p>

<p>I think you may be misunderstanding something about the scholarship deadline or the submission of the tax return. You should definitely go to the FA office and let someone at your school clear that up for you. No one here is going to know the answer since it’s going to be specific to the policies of UNT.</p>

<p>Im just trying to figure out that they are not acepting the tax return papers untill like april. but my question is will the online fafsa cover my scholarship deadline of march first that i have completed and i have been to FA office 3 times and no one can give me a answer</p>

<p>What do the requirements for the scholarship say? What does it want from you by March 1st? It’s a little hard to understand your question. It seems contradictory on the face of it. Perhaps that is why you’re not getting a clear answer from the FA office. Is there a link on the UNT website that gives any information or instructions about the scholarship you’re talking about?</p>

<p>scholarship says dependent on fafsa . so that means if i did it online im ok ? i dont need to bring it to FA office</p>

<p>The FAFSA is only done online. It will be submitted electronically to your school. I’m not sure what your original question is, though, with regard to your tax return. If the scholarship instructions do not say anything about submitting your tax return to the school, then you don’t have any reason to do so.</p>