MArch( 3-yr) or Barch(5-yr)

<p>What is the major difference with getting a MArch and BArch. I just graduated with a BS in Biochemistry, so I understand that I might have to start over, but I realize that getting a MArch seems like less time. Also, how likely would it be to get accepted into a MArch with little experience in Architecture and no portfolio?</p>

<p>In your position you need to look at MArch programs, otherwise you are looking at five more years and you won't have a Masters. If you have decent grades you are quite likely to get accepted into an March program, however a good portfolio would be needed to get into the best programs.</p>


<p>Agree with Rick: you shouldn't have to start over again. Plenty of students in M.Arch programs do not have specific architecture backgrounds.</p>

<p>You do, however, need a portfolio. Are you planning to apply this year or next? If next, you have 12 months to build a body of work. You could take some drawing or drafting courses. Maybe attend an Exploring Architecture program. Ideally, get a job or even an internship at an architecture firm. Above all, start looking at architecture. Get a grasp on the vocabulary.</p>

<p>Portfolios don't need to be architecturally accomplished. Admissions are looking for creativity, presentation and basic drawing skills.</p>

<p>You'll also need to take the GRE. Different M.Arch programs have different requirements. You're probably covered in physics and calculus, but you may need some art studio and art history courses.</p>

<p>What's the deal with the GRE? everyone seems to want it for M.Arch... Grrr.</p>

<p>What's next, AutoDesk certification?</p>

<p>GRE mostly used as a literacy gauge. Portfolio very important, even though real-life architectural practice relies heavily on CAD and sketch programs. Important to demonstrate competence in line drawing (figure, still life, compositional, etc) to confirm visualization skills.</p>

<p>If you have an undergraduate degree, it's unnecessary (and redundant re: general studies classes) to return to B.Arch program. M.Arch program is focussed on architectural studies, and geared towards a more mature student.</p>

<p>You already have a Bachelor's degree. You should pursue a MArch if you wish to become an architect. It will probably be a 3 year program.
Ask the schools you are applying to what their portfolio requirements are.</p>