March Madness

<p>What are your thoughts regarding the upcoming tournament? Which bubble teams have a chance to make the Big Dance?</p>

<p>Here are my predictions regarding the #1/#2 seeds:</p>





<p>no one cares what the seeds are- its all about the brackets- who do u have in the final four?</p>

<p>depending on the brackets an early pick (not final) would be UNC, kansas, duke and ____im not sure</p>

<p>Seeding matters because it controls the matchups, which can become crucial if a strong team has a glaring weakness and a weaker team can capitalize.</p>

<p>My early Final Four picks at this point would be Duke, Tennesse, Kansas and UCLA.</p>

<p>I think UNC, Memphis, UCLA, and Tennessee will be the number 1 seeds for their respective regions.</p>

<p>The number 2's will be Duke, Wisconsin, Kansas, and whoever wins the Big East Tournament (Louisville, Georgetown, Connecticut).</p>

<p>My last 4 teams in are:</p>

<p>Virginia Commonwealth
Ohio State

<p>Last 4 out:</p>

Illinois St.
Western Kentucky</p>

<p>Teams likely to make an early exit: Indiana, Kansas St., Pittsburgh, Clemson, </p>

<p>Teams most likely to have a first round upset: Kent St., Cornell, South Alabama, Oral Roberts</p>

<p>Mid Majors to watch: Drake, Gonzaga, St. Mary's, Butler, Davidson</p>

<p>you think Oregon is in or out..I think oregon makes it over Arizona</p>

<p>i think oregon might be in</p>

<p>gonavy- i like your thinking-kansas st and indiana are both overrated and pitt has been pummeled by injuries</p>

<p>Virginia Commonwealth probably won't make it before Illinois St. Or Syracuse if they beat Villanova. Or Dayton if they make a good run in the A-10 tournament. Ohio State is also pushing it unless they beat MSU again.</p>

<p>Bubble Teams who need to make a Statement this week:</p>

Ohio State
Arizona State
Virginia Tech
New Mexico
Western Kentucky

<p>Those who just need to cross their fingers:</p>

<p>Illinois St.

<p>Those who did what they needed to do (Should be in):</p>

<p>Kent St.
Miami (FL)
West Virginia
South Alabama</p>

<p>I can't wait till selection sunday....</p>

<p>Final 4 (assuming it's possible)</p>

<p>UCLA, Duke, Indiana, Tennessee</p>

<p>My pick:</p>


<p>And, the 2008 Champs = UNC bc of Hansbrough's rebounding + post presence, very good outside shooting, and stellar team defence.</p>

<p>GO Butler Bulldogs! Bark bark!</p>

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<p>As long as UNC does not win the championship, I will be able to sleep well at night.</p>

<p>My Final Four:

<p>UCLA could be in any of those spots.</p>

<p>Phew, my team (Dayton) edged out St. Louis today in the A-10 first round. Now onto Xavier. We need to beat them to make it in...</p>

<p>UCLA wins it on the condition that they start playing with intensity the first half. They are down way too often for a top team at the half. Will know if they can do this in the Pac X tourny. If they don't come out strong I'm guessing sweet 16 or at best an elite a 8 run.</p>

<p>UCLA will be fine if pac-10 refs are there =P</p>


<p>In the Stanford game it was a foul, but a weak one. Against your school we got are share of gifts, and by gifts I mean a win. I give our team credit for coming back in each game. Not many teams could fight back night in and night out. They just need to pick it up in the first half.</p>

<p>I got Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, and UCLA for final 4 with Kansas wins it all.</p>

<p>I've got Kansas, Memphis, Duke, and Tennessee in the Final Four. Tennessee and Memphis for the championship with Tennessee winning by 5.</p>


<p>I got Duke, Tennessee, Memphis, Georgetown....</p>

<p>Duke wins it all....</p>

<p>haha sheed nice choice. i love duke but cmon they have no inside game- they have a slim chance- so im not choosing them- Gtown is overrated but i like tenn./memphis</p>