March SAT Essay Scores

Hi Everybody,

So I started a thread about a week ago regarding March SAT scores. There were a bunch of replies, but one constant seemed to be that many people struggled with the essay portion.

The essay is scored from 2-8 in the areas of Reading, Analysis, and Writing. There are no percentiles currently available from the College Board.

The scoring system is a bit esoteric: two readers grade your essay from 1-4 in each of the 3 areas, and the scores are summed. This means that the composite (all scores added together) essay score ranges from a low of 6 (2/2/2) to a high of 24 (8/8/8).

We don’t have any percentiles at the moment, but think of the sub-scores this way:

2 = Bad
3 = Poor
4 = Below Average
5 = Average
6 = Above Average
7 = Very Good
8 = Excellent

What did you get on the Essay? Was it lower than you thought? Do you need any advice from a perfect-scoring SAT tutor? : )