March SAT or May SAT ~ [URGENT]

<p>Hi guys, I am currently having trouble deciding whether to switch my March SAT date to the May SAT one. I personally feel I would do much better in the May SAT as I have more time to study during Easter vacation (I am also in a SAT prep course which ends in the month of march - but I do have AP exams in the beginning of May -)</p>

<p>In addition, I have a boat load of assignments due in the upcoming weeks. I have a weird feeling that I wouldn't have sufficient time to study or even prepare for the March SAT. However, my parents are persuading me to not change the dates and to just take it in March. </p>

<p>What should I do? Listen to my parents and not change the dates? Or should I change the dates and take it knowing I would have more time to study? </p>


<p>Just take both. Prepare as much as you can for the March one and deal with May when it gets here :)</p>

<p>Wouldn't my scores be affected in the long run? I'm planning to apply to a few UC's next year and I'm not sure if they take the composite score or the highest score ...</p>

<p>I'm not sure what you mean by affected in the long run. I'm not really sure about the policies of the UC schools either so that's something you need to check out.</p>

<p>Alright thanks :)</p>

<p>I would take the SAT in March and take the SAT Subject tests in May(coincide with the AP test). You can take the SAT in June, this gives you more time to study.</p>

<p>I agree with DrGoogle. Take the SAT IIs in May and the SAT I in June.</p>

<h1>post #3. The UCs take the highest single siting, ie they do not superscore.</h1>