Marietta Surprised Us!

<p>My daughter and I just toured this school yesterday and were really impressed. It's like a mini Miami University. I'm not so sure about the town of Marietta, but the campus is beautiful and the people were all friendly, yet professional. It's on our short list!</p>

<p>How's that new library? And I believe there's a new observatory for astronomy.</p>

<p>The library was really nice. Supposedly they have quite a collection of historical documents. It could be a nice place to visit if you had extra time. I believe the tour guide mentioned an observatory, but I don't recall seeing it. A lot of thought went into planning the new buildings, as they are very much in keeping with the rest of the campus. Now if they could just tear down the dorm that appears to be an old motel and the vacant building on the west side of campus, it would be perfect.</p>

<p>I spent a semester in that dorm [Parsons Hall]. There used to be an identical dorm to the left of it [if looking at the front of Parsons], Timblin Hall, that HAS been torn down, and where I spent two semesters. And to the left of that used to be an old brick factory building that had been converted to a dorm. That actually had a lot more character than the "motels". My father lived in there for a while in the early '50s.</p>

<p>Nice to hear.</p>

<p>I was accepted recently, haven't been by to visit (going to see at the same time as OU... but I won't be seeing most of the uni's I'm applying to, anyways). </p>

<p>Seems like they have some nice programs with the Pet. Eng. major and other stuff, and the size is right. It's actually a nice "diamond in the rough".</p>

It's actually a nice "diamond in the rough".


<p>Funny! Our guidance counselor called it "a hidden gem".</p>

<p>OHKID, you're on almost every OH/MI school thread I've read. How many schools have you applied to?</p>

<p>.... Too many. (let's just say I used my whole Common App.....)</p>

<p>I work in the guidance office at my High School, and have a fascination with Geography/Cities/Universities/etc. so I'm pretty well-versed in midwestern schools, along with some on the coasts and in the south.</p>

<p>I also used to read the Fiske Guide and Princeton Review, among other guides, to put me to sleep at night before I got so stressed from all of this Senior Year stuff, so I learned a lot from that, too. I always check the forums for a couple key letters, like D since the University of Dayton is there (and probably my fav. Uni, too :)), so if a new post on a thread from a place like Marietta comes up, I always stop by and check it out.</p>