Marijuana usage at Syracuse

I was wondering how many students smoke weed/how open they are about it/how much the school enforces rules about it

There was quite a bit in 1980 :smiley:

FYI. I went to an admitted student day at another major university and that question was asked in a parent q&a. The school official said that the school takes federal money and the marijuana is illegal at the federal level thus the school considers it illegal and does not condone it. The official did not say how much they enforce it though. SU certainly gets some federal money.

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I don’t know anything about Syracuse and weed, but seriously? Weed is everywhere and on every campus. The amount of weed smoking at colleges is insane. It’s also no different than the amount of partying. If a parent thinks there is no partying on a college campus because it’s a prestigious school so kids are too smart to party, then that parent is dumber than a rock!


this is actually a pretty cool question ngl