Marine Biology at HWS

<p>During my interview, it was mentioned that HWS had a marine biology program - I don't recall whether it was a minor or otherwise, but I do remember being pleasantly surprised. I have done a little research (aka Google) and have not found any information on this. Was I misinformed, or is it just a lesser-known area of study?</p>



<p>Soccercrazzy2222, no, you're not wrong. Look up the Finger Lakes Institute and you will see what a phenomenal program they have. Here's the FLI home link:</p>

<p>Hobart</a> and William Smith Colleges :: Finger Lakes Institute</p>

<p>Hey, soccercrazzy2222, are you out there? Did you see my reply? ^^</p>

<p>Carolyn B - thanks so much for the response (and the personal message!). The Finger Lakes Institute seems intriguing! Do the Colleges have a major or minor opportunity in Marine Biology, or is the institute a separate program?</p>

<p>I have applied to HWS, along with other small, liberal arts schools, but this is the only school with a program like this!</p>

<p>Soccercrazzy2222, you know, I'm going to suggest you call the Institute to clarify your question. My sense is that the Institute is affiliated with HWS and provides wonderful learning and research opportunities for students but that it also has a separate identity so it can work with various governmental agencies, regional organizations and other entities which could create a richer experience for students as well as provide a public educational function. HWS has an Environmental Studies major and minor. If you wanted to create a Marine Biology major for yourself I don't see why you couldn't do that, but you should call to verify. Good luck! I hope you get the answers you want.</p>