Marine Biology / Oceanography programs

<p>What does anyone know about "hands-on" marine biology and/or oceanography programs in the US?? I've searched and found several colleges with programs and have wondered about the quality of the program (particularly those that are no where near the coast).</p>

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<p>University of Miami
Florida Institute of Technology</p>

<p>UC Santa Barbara</p>

<p>Duke has a good program.</p>

<p>Miami again</p>

<p>Take a look at Williams' program in Mystic, Connecticut.</p>

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<p>Check out the University of San Diego (USD). It has a very good reputation, and its marine science department is excellent. In addition, it has one of the most beautiful campuses on the west coast.</p>

<p>my daughter wants to attend U of H for marine bio, but don't know how wise of choice for mainlanders</p>

<p>Eckerd College in St. Petersburg has an excellent marine bio program in a small liberal arts college setting (small classes, good profs, etc.) Other choices include Florida Institute of Technology, Coastal Carolina University, Texas A&M, UC Santa Barbara, Humboldt State College and the U of Washington.</p>

<p>uw really?
I think it is too blasted chilly and damp here to get excited about marine bio.
I vote for Hana</p>

<p>Oceanography is strong at the University of Rhode Island.</p>

<p>The marine science program at UMiami is a double major. The Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the College of Arts and Sciences jointly offer a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Marine Science/Biology, Marine Science/Chemistry, Marine Science/Geological Sciences, and Marine Science/Physics. These programs constitute a full major in a basic science as well as a major in Marine Science. </p>

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<p>UC Santa Cruz; also Tulane, I believe</p>