Marine Reserves while in college

<p>How hard is it to balance a Marine Reserve obligation while being a full time college student (four-year)? </p>


Full disclosure: I was active duty Marine Corps not a reservist, but I have met quite a few people who were in the reserves. As long as you can balance your college schedule around that one weekend a month you have to go to drill it shouldn’t be difficult. Also, I believe taking summer courses would be a no go as well, as you have a two week obligation for the Marine Corps during the summer. Again, I do not know from experience, but I have met quite a few people who have been able to balance the reserves and college with ease. Just know that there will always be a chance your unit could be activated and you could go overseas, and also you still attend the same recruit training, Marine Combat Training, and primary military occupational specialty schools as the active duty Marines. So, plan for at least a semester off for that. I could be wrong, so you might want to speak with a recruiter to get further clarification.