Marine Science at Eckerd opinions?

<p>Hi guys, i'm an international student from spain starting my application to universities in US. I have various choices like University of Miami...etc. I was recommended by an acquaintance to look into Eckerd College. I went into their webpage and it seemed pretty good but i would like some opinions if any of you went there or are there or heard anything about them.</p>

<p>Thanks in advanced!!! :)</p>

<p>My guy compared UM, Eckerd, and Nova Southeastern in person and several others online. He ended up only applying to Eckerd... and is accepted with a nice merit award and should be attending there in the fall (pending finances).</p>

<p>The main differences (for his "fit") are that Eckerd is right on the coast and has no graduate students doing the "fun" stuff. Undergrads get to do it all.</p>

<p>At both UM and Nova, their oceanographic centers are a few miles from the main campus. Students get there and do some things at both schools, but it's not a "roll out of your bed and head to the water" experience - and again - grad students get to do much of the available work at those places.</p>

<p>As another criteria to look at... check out who's won NOAA's Hollings scholarships:</p>

<p>Eckerd</a> College | News & Events</p>

<p>And consider that #2 overall (U Miami) has a much larger program...</p>

<p>If you prefer a larger school, I'd head U Miami if you have the stats. If not, Nova Southeastern has an up-and-coming program - supported in large part by Guy Harvey.</p>

<p>My guy came away from our college visits wanting Eckerd or bust though. He didn't even apply to the others. The roll out of bed and head to the water aspect was too appealing - then add their record of success. Their smaller size is appealing to him.</p>

<p>D is a Sophomore at Eckerd. She is not a science major, but many of her friends are Marine Bio majors. She says that they work hard and are very involved with their professors in hands on learning. D has found that this small school really supports it's student in reaching their full potential in and out of the classroom. I would highly recommend a close look!</p>