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'21 Daughter just hit the submit button last night to apply to Marist EA. I was reading last year’s CC thread that Marist sends a snail mail to tell you the code to access the portal and even at that it seems that many didn’t receive it. Wondering if they are still mailing the codes this year?

Hi! I applied ED to Marist as an international student. My counselor at the school said that students in the US will receive their EA decisions by mail in “Mid-December.” I hope this helps!

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Thanks, @goalkeeper23 ! Just an update for anyone else there reading. Daughter did get the usual email to log in on their portal although took several days to receive. And as mentioned above, decisions are mailed.

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My daughter got her EA decision today by snail mail

The “snail mail” is still faster than getting it by email, at least in my experience.

I applied October 20th ED and have heard nothing back yet, should I be worried??

I don’t think so since they just said that they would come out by “mid-December”
I applied ED at the end of September and still have not heard anything back yet. I emailed my counselor for my region (international) and they said that I should be receiving my decision “shortly” which was not that much help. Hope you get yours soon!

I am just confused why other people have gotten letters like is it rolling admission? I feel like I should have gotten something by now

Website says mid-Jan for decision date so maybe they start now and continue into Jan?

no for ED is mid december so we will probs get our sometime this week if not early next week like tuesday since that is the decision notification

Yeah ED is mid-December and EA is mid-January.

i dont understand why people who applied EA already got their decisions, I feel that Is a little unfair

In my opinion at least

I agree. ED students have committed to attend and are so reliant on the decision. Hope you hear back soon!

thank you, you too! Keep me updated :slight_smile:

Update, my decision hasn’t been mailed yet because I also applied to the learning support program, so I will have mine by next week!