Marist Class of 2021- ED/EA/RD

Results should be out soon for EA and ED. Please post results and discussion here.

This thread is quiet! Just saw this post on Twitter. EA letters were mailed this afternoon. Letters should arrive before Christmas!

OMG I can’t wait! Really hoping to hear something today or tomorrow (I’m from CT)

Just got my acceptance letter in the mail!!

congrats @triggeredsenior !

I just got my letter in the mail today, but I was deferred! GPA 3.68 unweighted, ACT 31, National honors society, good EC’s, honors history and English classes and three AP’s. Marist is one of my top choice schools, I didn’t think I would have a hard time getting in. I’m so disappointed! I even visited several times and shadowed a student, and wrote a letter to my admission counselor. Do you guys have any idea of what might have gone wrong?

My son got accepted today. 1350 SAT and 4.1 GPA. Got $8,000 scholarship as well.

@BLK2017 Sorry you got deferred - but I’m SURE you will get accepted RD. Keep contact going with Marist. They probably had too many applicants for EA.

@njdad70 Congrats to your son!

S was accepted :slight_smile:

@BLK2017, I’m sorry to hear of your deferment. I don’t know how it’s possible with your qualifications.
If it’s any consolation, my D also got deferred, we were absolutely shocked. She has a great GPA, APs, high ACT, Honor Society, tons of ECs, she also visited. Marist was her top choice, she was accepted to tons of amazing schools on par with Marist. She’s devastated right now. We’re so sad :frowning:

Daughter accepted today. 1390 SAT / 4.1 GPA. $8,000 scholarship.

My daughter’s best friend was accepted today (mom is not on CC). Her ACT is 30 and lots of AP’s, NHS and top 10% of the class. She received a Presidential Scholarship of $10K per year. My daughter’s other friend was deferred with a 28 ACT (don’t know all her specifics).

@BellaNS I heard that Marist will defer or reject “overqualified” students with high GPA’s and test scores if they think will not attend, in order to increase the school’s yield rate. There was an article about schools doing this in Wall Street Journal called “Glass Floor” and Marist specifically was mentioned. Seems pretty counterintuitive, considering they are rejecting or deferring students who would definitely have attended, like your daughter and me.

@BellaNS Here is the link to the article if you want to read it -

My S was admitted with a $10,000 Presidential Scholarship. 3.95W, 1330 on the Old SAT, 5 AP courses from a blue chip public school.

D’s BF admitted. 3.9UW/4.3W, 35 ACT, 6 APs, interesting ECs and showed a lot of interest. 15K Presidential.

Late, but I was accepted ED!!

I haven’t received any letter or notification and I applied EA…

@college121212 you should have received a letter in the mail. You should call them - perhaps it was delivered to the wrong house.

When is financial aid info released, and how? My son got in and got small scholarship, so we need to see about financial aid.