Marist College EA Class of 2023

Thought this would be a good time to create the thread for the Marist College Early Action applicants for class of 2023! Feel free to post your stats and chat until decisions are released!

Hi! I applied EA! Marist is one of my top choices :slight_smile:

yep, I am in EA too.

I assume we will hear back January 15th that is the date is for EA! so soon yet so far ://

@caliboy234 I am so nervous to hear back!

I didn’t EA to Marist but I ED and am nervous about if I’ll get in! Does anyone know any information about it? I can’t find statistics or dates anywhere!

My son applied EA to Marist last year and heard by December 15th.

Yeooooo hows edack

Ur getting in stoppp

ED decisions come out earlier like in December. i think its december 15th but im not sure. the application status portal page will tell you. good luck!!!


My daughter found out she was admitted EA right before Christmas last year. The ED candidates found out around the same time or slightly before. She is a freshman at Marist now and is over-the-moon happy there. Wishing those awaiting a decision the best of luck!!

i am getting soso nervous because last year EA came out around December like 11th-19th is (earlier) so either later this year or earlier!

I heard that EA finds out on January 15th from the website, but it would be awesome if we found out earlier somehow. I know someone who applied ED to Marist two years ago and heard back right around Christmas.

we will find out before jan 15th. i believe december 20th

Ugh. The information on the Marist website is inconsistent. In one place it says early action decisions are mailed mid-January In another it says mid-February. I hope the anecdotes from previous years are more of an indication of when decisions are actually communicated!

am i the only person who hasnt gotten the login info / email on my application status. i’m freaking out

@nyr76 when did you apply?

november 7th

i also emailed them and haven’t heard anything yet i submitted everything on common app and did it almost a month ago and it says my app was downloaded