Marist College Poughkeepsie NY

<p>My son has ADHD. He is a strong student with a gpa 4.0. He has a strong support team at highschool and accomodations that allow him to be successful. We are looking at Marist college. Does anyone know about their support services? Does anyone have a student there with ADHD?</p>

<p>I'm a sophomore at Marist and I'm involved in our special services department. The special services advisors (in my experience so far) are wonderful and really helpful when I have a problem. I had a really rude professor, talked to my SS advisor about it, and she let me know exactly how to handle it and encouraged me to speak to the professor about my problems with him, and when he wasn't receptive, she gave him an earful. The academic advisors are also really great (again, in my experience). If your son decides to tour/apply, I'd really recommend making an appointment with special services to discuss your son's needs. I met with my SS advisor over the summer before school started and she really helped make my transition easier.</p>