Marist College Sciences/Pre-Med?

I was just recently accepted to Marist and it’s one of my top choices. However, I’m slightly concerned about the science program they have. I’m interested in pre med, and I would major in biomedical science. Does anyone have any info regarding their program? Do you feel well prepared to apply to med school? Is their equipment up to date? Are their labs good? Do they have appropriate resources and opportunity for research? Thanks in advance!


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collegeready - hearing crickets on this one. I asked a comparable question in an earlier thread. Marist has built a new science building and added a PA grad program, so you would think with those investments there would be some buzz on this board. Alas, nothing. Have contacted the biology department at Marist? What are your other choices?

Collegeready2018 - My daughter goes to Marist and is a biology major. She is completing her freshman year there and is actually transferring after this year. While she really loves the school, the science program is not all that prominent at Marist and many students have difficulty just getting into the classes they need. The school seems much more focused on their communications and fashion programs. Honestly, I know she would tell you to go elsewhere. Marist was her #1 choice also but she feels she has to transfer to get the education she needs. Good luck to you wherever you choose to go!

@collegeready2018 - see my comment above. Sorry I didn’t tag you correctly!!

Hi hopefully the tag works. So my names Chris I’m currently a pre-med senior (majoring in biomedical science) at marist and will be applying to medical schools this upcoming cycle. I have absolutely loved my time and experience here the last four years as a science major. I’ll try to answer all yoru questions and feel free to ask me anything else I don’t hit on.

First of all if you put in the effort into the program you can get to where you need to go. All of my friends who graduated are in either PA school, PT school, nursing school, or medical school. DO schools are the more common schools that students get into here but that is more so because of MCAT scores rather than anything else.

We have an EMT class you can sign up for (even as a freshman as long as your 18 by April of your freshman year) to become a certified EMT and then you can volunteer or work for agencies around here and at home during breaks. I took the class the instructor was amazing and it was nice taking it here two nights a week instead of over the summer.

You can shadow across the street at the hospital right there or you can shadow i other private practices. I and several of my classes has done that and its pretty easy to get hose experiences when you speak to your advisor. You can also stay here during the summers or if you live local can work as a scribe if you have free-time and complete the training

My friends in all their graduate course and my friend in med school at NYIT feels very confident and more well prepared than several of his classmates. I have friends in PA school at Monmouth, PT school at UConn and they are all doing equally as well and one of my other friends will be going to PA school at marist next year.

The labs are good we have a brand new science building and you would take all of your biology labs in these new labs. The physics labs were just redone and although we don’t have a physics major/minor we still have physics both calc and algebra based to cover grad school pre-reqs. The ones that need improvement are the chemistry labs but that is on the list and they are still totally fine labs to work in its just the other ones are brand new.

We do have research opportunities and most of them are either molecular biology or genetics based, there are also opportunities to do research in chemistry but that is a little more difficult to get the opportunity to do. Also another major one to conduct research in is environmental science. Some of the papers get published and one of my friends who is a pre-med sophomore was just published in Genetics and was actually on their homepage. I’ve had a few of my friends published but this was the most notable one. Still the opportunities are definitely there because we are an undergraduate institution so just approach your professors and ask advisors early. Some of my friends have traveled to mexico to present their research at conferences over there. The research labs are in the new science building so theyre really nice and we also have a glass bottom river boat to go on the river and collect samples.

The professors in my experience are really receptive to participation and the effort that you put into the program. You can even be asked to be a lab assistant and help guide the labs. The small class sizes allow you to get to know the faculty well nd it makes asking for letters of rec much easier and more personal. Also we have a pre-med committee to help guide us along the process and look at personal statements etc. I feel very prepared and like a competitive well rounded applicant who has learned how to work in a collaborative not competitive student environment. Let me know if you have any other questions but I wouldn’t transfer or change my experience here for anything

@DonCaf22 thank you so much for this reply!! I just committed to Marist and I’m so excited :slight_smile: