Marist decisions 2022

thought of starting a new thread about the decisions of marist. please post here so we all can stay connected in the process… good luck all…

anyone heard anything back?

Noting yet which always makes me nervous… hoping to hear soon. Surprised we did not get email that says we receive bed your application. Has anyone else applied early action and received email?

We got an email saying they had received my child’s application and giving us login information to their application portal. I would contact admissions if you haven’t gotten one of those and you applied. However, early decision notification isn’t until December 15th and early action isn’t until January 31st so it will be awhile before anyone gets a decision.

My son applied EA a couple of years ago and he heard about a week before Christmas. He’s a sophomore there now.

Nothing yet.

also heard they willl not be announcing it online… apparently they send packets via mail…

I recently received a pretty big booklet in the mail about 20 pages or so from a college that I applied to. It does not say that they are glad to inform me that they accepted me and blah blah blah. However, it does say “Welcome to Marist” at the beginning when I turn to the first page. Note: This is the first time I ever received a mail from Marist. Prior to this I exchanged a few emails with the admissions office saying that they would send me a portal to check my status soon, but they never did thats why I am so confused. However, in one of the emails we exchanged it says decisions will be released in Mid-January. what should i do? Email them asking about the portal and how I never received it. I dont want to ask if the mail is an admissions decision and come across as awkward. I never asked again about the portal because I kept thinking it should come any day and then i just forgot about it.
Also, it says nowhere in the booklet telling me to apply. what to do? did anyone else get this?

ya def email them. they should have given you a portal info to log in and check status. though they say they dont post decisions online the portal will help with communication. i also recvd that same booklet. seems like a standard ad booklet abt marist. wont read too much into it…

anyone have a inkling? its hard to just wait!! for EA

I applied EA and I hope they send the results earlier than Jan. 30! Waiting sucks

heard its sooner than jan 30th… and only by mail right?

yeah first class mail!

my friend goes to Marist (I applied EA this year) she went to the admissions office to get something, and she said that she saw admissions letters in a stack getting ready to go in then mail. ED is going out this week, and EA might be going out this week or the week after :slight_smile: good luck guys!~!

thank you!! good to know @prepro986

My son received his ED acceptance letter in the mail today!

Omg congrats!! hopefully ea letters will start to flood out soon

I went to Marist pre-college in 2016 and fell in love with it

marist… still waiting… come on…also ea

anyone heard anything else…so quiet on the weekends…:slight_smile: