Marist Digital Media & Design Major - any info?

hi! I’m between Marist College and Quinnipiac University and really looking for any guidance/help anyone may have. Marist College is the #1 in the country for my major, Digital Media & Design, but at the open house it didn’t really come off that way at all. They focused a lot on Fashion Design during the presentation and barely discussed my program. I love the school for multiple aspects, but I really want to go somewhere that will give me the best opportunities.
At Quinnipiac, they showed us exactly what you learn in classes, possible jobs like social media managers or working for espn, nike, etc… which is all stuff I’m really interested in! I called Marist and asked to be put in touch with an upperclassmen with my major to hear about their experience, classes, internships, etc. but they haven’t gotten back to me yet.
If anyone knows anything about the Digital Media & Design major at Marist I’d really appreciate your input!

I attended an open house at Marist and I remember it focusing a lot on the fashion design major. I don’t know anything about your major, but maybe contact a professor from your major if you do not hear back from admissions soon. I think speaking to a professor in charge of that major will be able to offer you insight and know students who can speak about their experiences. Good luck.

Marist could do a lot better job at wooing their accepted students. There has been very little contact or additional info provided by them as to why we should choose Marist. That is unfortunate!

@collegesosx I would email AND call again with the request for student contact

@collegesosx When my son started researching colleges with a Media Design major, Marist was very high on his list of about 10 colleges. However, we had the same experience you did once we started to engage Marist. We went to several Open Houses and attended two events that were specific to The School of Communication and The Arts. There was no mention of the Digital Media program and they did not even take us to the Steel Plant where the media design classes are held. We just wondered around on our own and found the Steel Plant building pretty much empty. This happened on more than one occasion and they were all during school hours. We also tried to arrange (by email and phone calls) for a shadow day with a current student and they were very slow to respond. And the students they tried to match us up with were not exactly in the same major. We never went through with it because we felt it would not be worthwhile.

We did ultimately speak directly with a professor from the Media Design program (we had to arrange the meeting ourselves prior to going to an Open House) and he was very passionate about his teaching. However, everything else we experienced gave us the impression that Media Design was not a strong program at Marist. My son finally dropped Marist to near the bottom of his list after we compared the Marist curriculum with those of his other choices and decided that Marist’s BA degree was not as strong as the BS and BFA degrees offered elsewhere.

What originally attracted us to Marist was the prospect of working for a media company in the NY metro area. We did not research Quinnipiac but it sounds like they also would have very good employment opportunities in the area.

I am not sure what rankings you were citing but many schools call this program something different so they may not all be ranked together. Looking at rankings may have been how we originally found out about Marist’s program but I can’t truly remember. Once we made a list of schools we then did our own research and re-ranked them accordng to our criteria.

The professor we spoke with was Matthew Frieburghaus. You may want to contact him directly before making your final decision. Good Luck.

@psfk2417 Thanks so much for your detailed response!! What school did your son decide on??


@collegesosx His final two contenders are Philadelphia University and Rensselaer (RPI).