Marist Regular Decision acceptance letters?

Does anyone know when regular decision acceptance letters are usually sent? My son sent his application in mid-December

On the Marist website, it says all regular decision applicants will know by mid-March…

Thanks! Hope we will hear before then

received today

@Luke123455 - In the mail? Do you live close to Marist?

My daughters arrived today… a packet. I don’t open it but I assume she’s in. We are on Long Island.

@anxiousmom19 - thank you and congrats! We live in CT so hopefully my son’s arrived as well! Good luck to all!!

in mass received today

in the mail

did not open

Accepted today in CT. Does anyone know when you learn about scholarships?

yes got presidential scholarship 17500 no merit yet

it was in the letter

no aid yet i mean

okay thank you

Congrats! Can everyone share stats please?

1420 SAT

My son received a large envelope in the mail today. Haven’t opened it but I assume it’s good news. We live in CT.

congrats thats what we got

Accepted. 3.3 UW, 4.0 W. 31 ACT (34E, 32M, 30R, 29S), 4 AP classes and several other Honors classes