Marist regular decision

Has anyone received a regular decision letter from Marist yet?

nope. i was deferred from EA…

I read somewhere that decisions are mailed by mid-March and not posted on the portal.

Accepted on Feb 28.
Intl student.
Sat 1420, uw gpa 3.65/4
17k5 presidential scholarship, 9k5 intl grant
I still need a lot more to attend Marist tho…

My son got an email last night that he was accepted, and to expect the letter soon. We did not receive any tuition or financial aid info yet. I hope that helps!

did anyone her about RD

Same here-still waiting…

Congratulations! Thank you

mail came today

good luck to all

My daughters packet came today. We are on Long Island. Good luck!

Packet came in todays mail. Accepted!

came today included scholarship not aid yet


Thanks! Congrats to you!

did anyone get a letter in nyc?

Did the acceptance letter say that you were accepted into the major you applied to?

no it did not

anyone from nyc?

@bridgets75 same with mine, I kept rereading it but I guess I wasn’t the only one