Marist student

Of course most, if not all, colleges have a variety of students. That said, I was wondering how you might describe the “typical” Marist student in regards to academics as well as social life.

Hi! My name is Alyssa, and I am a current senior here at Marist. I’d love to give you a little insight on the typical Marist student.

Looking at our current freshman class academically, the average GPA ranges from a 3.2-3.6 (88-93). Out of the 11,374 freshman applicants last year, 42.6% were accepted. The average SAT score is within the 1130-1310 range, and ACT is between 24-29. However, it is important to note that we are a test optional institution, meaning you are not required to submit your test scores if you feel that they do not accurately represent you as a student. I personally chose to not submit my SAT scores because I am a terrible test taker, and doing so did not hinder my acceptance to Marist.

From a social aspect, there’s a ton going on here. Marist offers tons of discounted opportunities such as $5 movie tickets to our local theatre, as well as trips into NYC for Broadway Shows, Museums, Radio City, and many more, for only $25. We also have a concert every spring, and have featured artists such as Big Sean, Kid Ink, Sammy Adams, etc. Marist students are also very involved on campus. We have 81 clubs and organizations, as well as a plethora of club and intramural spots in addition to our 23 D1 athletic teams.

Hopefully that was helpful in some regard! Any other questions I’d be happy to answer (:

@livelovelyss HI, do you know anything about the fashion major?

Hi! I’m a tour guide on campus so, while I am not a fashion major myself, I can give you the general information I typically give to students.

We have two fashion majors here - Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising. Both are very hands on. Marist is a train ride away from NYC, so many of our fashion students intern there. Our students typically intern with major companies, such as Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Coach, Betsy Johnson, Louis Vuitton, and many more.

Other opportunities for fashion students include Mporium, which is an on campus boutique that is completely student run. Students can apply to be in the Mporium course, which runs every semester, or they can volunteer to work at the boutique as a sales associate. We also have the Silver Needle Fashion Show every spring, which takes place at an off campus venue and is open to the public. Here, our senior design students showcase full collections in a student produced fashion show, complete with lights, models, advertising - the whole nine yards. Additionally, many of our fashion students have worked at New York Fashion Week during their time here.

Hopefully that helped a little - if you have any more questions, I can forward you to a current fashion student.

@livelovelyss thank you. Do you know id Marist gives out good merit aid?

Yes, students who have a strong GPA and have taken a rigorous course load are competitive candidates to receive merit aid. You don’t need to apply for merit scholarships - you are automatically considered for one from the admissions committee.

I read that Marist College has Division 1 sports. My daughter plays high school varsity but probably could not play Division 1. Would you know about the tennis program? Is there Club Tennis? Can a good player practice as a walk on for the team?

Does Marist have a dance team? Anyone participate in the college theater club? Any experiences with these two activities?

@livelovelyss - So what do you wish somebody had told you before you arrived? Marist is probably D’s 2nd choice (she was accepted EA) and, provided she’s accepted at #1, it will all come down to financial aid.

Can prospective students spend a night in a dorm?

@Collegelk - Yes Marist has both a Dance team for cheerleading sports and dance club

We have an overnight program during our open house where students can spend the night with a Marist student and then attend a class the following morning. For more information you can definitely take a glance at the website for more information on that program!

Thanks @knarf123456 D is going on the April 7-8 weekend and staying over Sunday night for a Monday class. She had to pick between that and a Friday “Dinner with the Deans”. Dorm beats Dinner!

Are most of the students at Marist from New York? Is the school (the policies as well as the cultural climate) LGBT friendly? How diverse is the student body and how accepting of differences (cultural, racial, sexual orientation, etc.)?