Marist vs St Joseph’s University

Any input on the flexibility of these schools with scholarships/financial aid? They both seem like great schools.

Did you run the Net Price Calculator on each school’s web site?

No, did not, but will now. Thank you!!

Which St. Joseph’s?

Marist is a great school with fantastic internships, and a killer fashion program. Being able to jump on a train and be in NYC in two hours is great.

Right now…jumping on a train to be in NYC really shouldn’t be a happening.

Which St. Joseph’s University are you talking about?

In Philadelphia

Have you been accepted to these?

What year in HS are you?

Neither of these schools guarantee to meet full need, but both do have merit aid for top applicants.

St. Joseph’s offers generous merit aid and FA as well. Unlike Marist, it is just on the edge of the city - a train will get you from campus to Center City Philly in 15 minutes. And it’s Jesuit, so the focus is on the community and the whole person. Finally, they offer cooperative learning for two semesters - somewhat similar to Northeastern’s famous program.

Have you made a decision or are you looking ahead to the fall?