Maritime/ NROTC college program..


<p>Im Kevin live in Texas, just applied yesterday to SUNY Maritime. Am looking to major in Naval Architecture with deck license. I have filled out my 'Supplemental Data Form' that I printed out after doing my app online via applySUNY.</p>

<p>Two questions:</p>

<p>I have put a call and email into the university about where to send this 'Data Form', anyone on this board might know the address offhand? Im assuming admissions office but I would hate to mess it up and get delayed. </p>

<p>And my last question...I will be submitting my NROTC 'Scholarship' application hopefully within next 10days (boy is that thing daunting!). Anyone have an idea on the NROTC at SUNY? I have read that in some units acceptance can depend on the size of the unit. Does anyone have firsthand experience with what the program chances are like?</p>

<p>I am only holding my breath on the scholarship so I am ready with the 'College Program' NROTC application, without considering the money side of NROTC what are the chances like in SUNY of just getting into the unit itself, I guess what Im asking is if anyone knows if this unit is full or needed new recruits etc...I am also looking at TAMUG, CMA, and possibly Maine Maritime.</p>

<p>Dont get me wrong I think I have fairly good grades and participation outside of school, 93 average in school. </p>

<p>ACT- 27math 24 composite
SAT- 640 verbal 540 math and 490 writing</p>

<p>**Am planning to fix the SAT some on 9/12</p>