Marquette Campus

My D applied to Marquette nursing not expecting to get in (nursing is an all or nothing; if you don’t get into the nursing college, you are denied from the school overall). To our pleasant surprise, she was not only accepted, but also with merit that makes it close to affordable. We haven’t visited, know no one who has attended, and applied because her GC thought it would be a good fit. Would love to hear from anyone who is familiar. Does it feel like a campus? Or is it more urban / feels more like a city? Is it known as a good student community? The dorms look dated (which is fine / not a make or break) but how about the classrooms? Any input at all is appreciated! We will eventually visit, but are about 8 hours away.

It is definitely an urban campus, but it is a real campus with some green space. They have a brand new freshmen dorm. The area around the Joan of Arc chapel is especially attractive.

Congrats! We visited last winter. Definitely a campus feel, albeit a small campus. Urban, yes. Great access to downtown either by bus or walking. Lakefront is gorgeous. They have one new dorm that is extremely nice.

The nursing school is small, but a very nice simulation lab. The nursing students we met were awesome. I don’t think you could go wrong there. D20 is waiting to hear back, so I will have to keep an eye out.

MU is highly respected at area healthcare facilities. Service learning opportunities help students grow as people. Theres many options for clinicals as several hospitals are nearby. Theres a designated floor for 30 incoming freshman nursing students in one of the dorms. Its an older school so some of the facilities are more classic than flashy modern, however, the sim lab is state of the art. Remember that in nursing, most of the learning you are doing happens off campus so try not to put much stress on how pretty the lecture hall is. You can always ask to visit with some particularly with the college of nursing. Everyone is very welcoming and approachable.

Thanks, we did visit late last year and were very impressed with the facilities and the school overall. We had a wonderful tour that included the sim lab. We are still waiting on scholarship awards because even with merit, it’s still pricey.

Visited just last week. They are definitely investing in improving the physical plant here, with a new business school building kicking off and a dorm and the engineering building just completed.

Have attended other urban schools (Fordham, Chicago), and I would put Marquette in middle of the spectrum. It certainly has green space for lounging and sporting activities, but the university is not strictly bounded by a fence, Location is very nice in that it offers easy access to downtown.

We spent the most time at the engineering school, and were very impressed by the labs and the maker space.