Marquette Financial aid?

so, Marquette is my first choice school, but as of now i don’t think it’s financially possible, I received some money from the Pere Marquette Scholarship, but it still isn’t nearly enough to go. So my question is, is it still possible to received need-based financial aid from the school (besides the FAFSA), in addition to the scholarship money?

In the same boat as you. I’ve been offered the Pere Marquette Scholarship. But it’s not enough to go for me either. Being an international student I also applied for the Global Scholarship and the Diedrich scholarship. Today, they sent me a mail saying that notifications have been sent to the winners. I did not receive a notification. Does that mean that I’m a non winner? No idea. My application portal or Checkmarq account dont reveal anything…

Same here. Even with the Pere Marquette it is still out of our range. We got some grant money by completing FAFSA but that isn’t guaranteed for 4 years so it’s risky to include it in future budget numbers.