Marquette pre-med

Hey everyone! I am considering going to Marquette this coming fall. I was wondering how their pre-need program is, if they have a medical school, and overall how hey are in the pre-med area. Also if there are medical resources for volunteering etc. in Milwaukee. Please let me know!

Most of that information shoukd be on their website, so go look there first.

Ask in
Look on the Marquette site
use google maps to look for hospitals and how close they are to Marquette

If you want to go pre-med then think about:

  1. The cheapest reasonable college so you/your parents can use the money for med school
  2. The college needs to prepare you for MCATs but still allow you to get a good GPA
  3. Access to volunteering opportunities (e.g., near a hospital)
  4. Success in graduates getting into med school
  5. Options if you don’t go to med school